Sessions takes your meetings to the next level

Startup Profile: Sessions by FlowOS

Radu Negulescu and Radu Tintescu have been building products since they were 16. Negulescu started Trencadis, a 200-employee company, at 19 and he’s been building massive software solutions for governments, business IT departments, and startups. In 2020, the pair decided they needed to make meetings better so they founded Sessions.

The Romanian company specializes in giving meetings a brain.

“Sessions is a one-window tool (no alt-tab) for the entire lifecycle of remote meetings,” said Radu. "I has an integrated calendar and scheduling system; and agenda designer, meeting content pre-loader, roles and permissions management system; and an interactive player with video/audio conferencing, messaging, timekeeping, agenda, immersive integrations with Google Drive.”

The system will also create follow-up documents, meeting takeaways, and send assets to meeting participants. In short, it does all the awful stuff nobody wants to do during meetings.

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“We self-funded FlowOS and Sessions with until now with $2,500,000 USD through Trencadis. We plan another internal round of $4,000,000 USD to secure our runaway until June next year,” said Radu. FlowOS is the parent company for Sessions and it is the group’s “cooperating system,” a suite of tools for collaboration and co-work.

“We're super early on traction; we just slowly activated our funnel three weeks ago, and we're planning to launch on ProductHunt at the end of July,” said Radu.

Radu and his team built the tool out of frustration. They had to organize a remote board meeting and he realized that the entire thing was a complete mess.

“There is no tool out there that helps you manage the entire process of complex meetings: planning, structuring, running, and following-up,” he said. 

“We have videoconferencing and messaging apps; we have calendars; we have scheduling apps; we have documents and drives; whiteboards, and all kinds of things to share, but we don't have a single tool that coherently integrates these functions for their final purpose: the meeting, the session, the workshop, etc.”

While the product is definitely born of the pandemic, the need for an all-in-one meeting solution is pretty compelling.

“For us, Sessions was a relief,” said Radu. “The relief of having control over how the meeting will flow, no matter the complexity. Pitches, boards, workshops, or all-hands. The relief that everybody will be engaged and aware of their role in the meeting and then when we’re done everyone has the right resources.”

The company isn’t currently raising but thanks to Radu’s long experience in software development they don’t really have to. They only thing they want to do, said Radu, is make your next meeting not suck.

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